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COVID-19 : Montréal Mayor declares a state of emergency

21 décembre 2021

Montréal, December 21, 2021 - In order to respond effectively to the population's needs, to protect essential workers in the Greater Montréal Area and to ensure the continuity of public services in the context of an upsurge in COVID-19 cases, the Mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, has declared a state of emergency, under the terms of the Civil Protection Act, with the authorization of the public health department.

“Today, Montréal is acquiring exceptional powers to provide immediate support to the population and the health network in the collective fight against COVID-19. The state of emergency is an additional tool that that allows us to face with greater agility this period of instability that affects vulnerable people, merchants, businesses and Montréal families. With the experience we have accumulated, we will once again be there to ensure the safety of essential workers in the agglomeration and the entire population of Montréal,” says mayor Valérie Plante. 

Protecting our essential workers and ensuring continuity of service

The state of emergency will ensure the continuity of public services during the health crisis. The arrival of the omicron variant is forcing a sudden and drastic change in the management of workplace and community outbreaks. The new workplace isolation protocol may have a significant impact on the delivery of critical services to a population of 2 million people. The epidemiological trend shows that the situation is expected to worsen over the next few weeks. In this context, the powers of the state of emergency will allow us to mobilize the material and human resources required to fight COVID-19 and to continue providing services to the population.  

Reinforcing the ability of the health network and the community to support people experiencing homelessness 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the urban agglomeration of Montréal, the health and social services network and community organizations have been working to support people experiencing homelessness. The local state of emergency will allow the boroughs of Montréal and the neighbouring municipalities to strengthen their logistical support for the health and social services network and community organizations, and to set up sufficient sites and facilities to accommodate people experiencing homelessness. The health and social services network and community organizations will continue to ensure social intervention within these resources and facilitate the clinical trajectory. 

State of emergency  

Note that the mayor of Montréal can use her extraordinary powers and declare a state of emergency in the Greater Montréal Area. In this case, the state of emergency has been declared for 48 hours and will have to be renewed by the Montréal Agglomeration Council. 

The urban agglomeration of Montreal continues to work closely with its teams of experts from the Centre de coordination des mesures d'urgence, the Direction régionale de santé publique and the health and social services network to make the best decisions to fight the spread of COVID-19.

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