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COVID-19 : The urban agglomeration will not be renewing its state of emergency and will be moving into “alert” mode as of Friday.

23 août 2021

Montréal, August 23, 2021 - One year and five months after having declared a local state of emergency, the urban agglomeration of Montréal will move into alert mode this coming Friday.  The high vaccination rates, the coming into force of a vaccine passport, as well as stable government ordinances have enabled the administration to plan and to carry out emergency response actions without relying on exceptional powers granted through a local state of emergency.  Thus, the various operations carried out under the local state of emergency have been transferred to regular procedures, enabling the urban agglomeration to continue its operations. 

The local state of emergency has enabled the urban agglomeration to contribute to the efforts of the health and social services system and of the regional public health authority to fight against COVID-19. The urban agglomeration has contributed to the efforts of its partners and community organizations by lending municipal sites or by providing logistical support to open outdoor day centres, food bank service points, as well as emergency shelters in order to support Montréal's homeless population. The administration has also provided support to the healthcare system in the opening of COVID-19 testing sites, as well as by providing safe working conditions for employees, in addition to providing the sanitation material necessary, implementing the infrastructure required to roll out teleworking at a massive scale, and supporting the OMHM in the safety measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Despite the fact that the local state of emergency is lifted, continued vigilance remains necessary as we face the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. Montréal reminds all citizens that it is important to comply with public health directives in order to limit the magnitude of the fourth wave. Montréal, its teams of experts and the regional public health authority continue to follow the situation closely and are prepared to make the best decisions should anything change.

The state of emergency was declared on March 27, 2020. Montréal will have been in a state of emergency for 17 months, a first in the city's history.

The urban agglomeration's public safety plan remains in “alert” mode. This facilitates the coordination of directives and communication strategies between public health authorities, the central city's general management and the city's public safety department.