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COVID-19: Red zone - Montréal announces changes to its sports and recreation activities

9 octobre 2020

Montréal, le 9 octobre 2020 - In the context of COVID-19 and in conformity with the new directives issued by the government of Québec regarding schools and sports, Montréal is announcing changes to sports and recreation activities offered up to and including October 28, 2020. These are due to the Montreal metropolitan community being upgraded to Level 4 – Maximum Alert (red zone status).

Facility closures and activity suspensions already announced on October 1st as part of our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 remain in effect.  

New directives

All sports and activities that are not part of sports-study programs must be suspended across the entire territory of the urban agglomeration of Montréal. Group classes, sports and recreation activities are thus forbidden.

For the time being, organized outdoor activities such as collective cleaning or guided tours of nature parks are also forbidden.  

Maintained activities

Free practice of a sport, either individually or in pairs, as well as physical activities involving members of the same household are permitted, in compliance with physical distancing requirements.

Indoor sports facilities and community and cultural centres remain open for free practice of certain sports, either individually or in pairs. Access will be granted in compliance with physical distancing requirements.



No spectators are allowed for free practice, whether it is individual or in pairs.   However, while limiting the number of people to a minimum, attendants may be allowed as required (for instance, the parent of a child younger than 10 years old, or an attendant to a disabled person.)

Recreation and community centres

Permitted: sports-study activities, free badminton practice, walking, running, tennis

Forbidden: competitions, games, organized training sessions, group sports, courses, bodybuilding gyms, free soccer practice, free basketball practice, fundraising, shows, extracurricular or intramural activities, dance classes, Zumba, line dancing and yoga

Public event permits

Permitted: drive-in theatres, shoots, protests, with mandatory masks or face coverings

Forbidden: no public event permits may be issued for any other type of public event until October 28th  


Municipal facilities:


Permitted: sports-study programs and public skating

Forbidden: competitions, games, training sessions, group sports, figure skating courses, ringette, hockey, curling, free hockey practice, free ringette practice, extracurricular and intramural activities

Indoor pools
Permitted: sports-study programs, free swim and lap swimming

Forbidden: diving, organized programs, group sports, competitions, organized training sessions

Golf (outdoor courses)

Permitted: open courses, in pairs or same-family groups


Permitted: tennis, badminton, pickleball, table tennis. All racquet sports are permitted for single play only.

Forbidden: group sports, competitions, group training sessions, artistic gymnastics, combat sports, weightlifting, dance classes, Zumba, yoga

Wheeled sports

Permitted: outdoor skateparks, outdoor BMX

Forbidden: TAZ – All activities suspended until October 28th  

Indoor soccer fields

Permitted: sports-study

Forbidden: competitions, games, group sports, training sessions, free soccer practice

Other facilities

Permitted: community gardens, dog parks

Forbidden: all gatherings

Recreation and community centres

Permitted: citizen support services, NPO administrative staff, community support services, youth centres

Forbidden: meetings, gatherings, fundraising

Please note that these measures may change under government-issued orders.

Montréal would like to remind you that infection prevention is everyone's responsibility. Please follow the recommendations issued by the regional public health department (Direction régionale de santé publique).