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La Grande Promenade: Contemporary Art Exhibition

10 août 2020

Montréal, August 10, 2020 - The Borough of LaSalle is presenting—for the first time ever—an exhibition of contemporary art in public space. Entitled La Grande Promenade, this exhibition invites you, until October 1, to travel between two major cultural institutions in LaSalle—L'Octogone library and the Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux—to discover, along the way, 9 original and engaging works of art created by 9 Montreal artists.


Catherine Aboumrad • Cyndie Belhumeur • Bryan Beyung • Benoit Brousseau • Marjorie de Chantal • Manuel Chantre • Natacha Clitandre • Julian Palma • Rafael Sottolichio

Public art exhibition in 9 stops

From Tape Art to murals, from photographic installations to video art, the works are boldly inserted into the urban landscape, displayed on a wall, sidewalk, windows, park or public benches. 

Although each work of art is very different, La Grande Promenade brings together these 9 works under the theme of wandering. A nod to our daily walks in times of confinement, the exhibition is inspired by the surrealist artists who claimed that urban wandering was an activity that could prompt an outpouring of the unconscious, the emergence of the unexpected and poetry shock. It is in this spirit that we invite you to wander through the Borough in search of these works of art.

Among them is Manuel Chantre's installation entitled Hommage à celles et ceux qui luttent contre la COVID-19 (Tribute to those who are combatting COVID-19). This sculpture in perpetual motion is made up of bands of mirrors that twirl in the wind. Illuminated with a soft glow in the night, it provides a luminous presence in the darkness. Its reflections symbolically embody the dedication of the healthcare workers. This permanent acquisition to the Borough's public art collection is intended as a beacon, a rallying point in LaSalle's landscape, a guide in the midst of the troubled times we are going through. 

Artwork Locations


Artist's name: Bryan Beyung

Location: 4e Avenue and rue Centrale


Artist's name: Julian Palma

Location: 4e Avenue and boulevard LaSalle


Artist's name: Catherine Aboumrad

Location: Exterior windows of the Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux, 7644 rue Édouard 


Artist's name: Cyndie Belhumeur

Location: Galerie Les Trois C in the Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux, 7644 rue Édouard


Artist's name: Marjorie de Chantal

Location: Théâtre du Grand Sault in the Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux, 7644 rue Édouard


Artist's name: Manuel Chantre

Location: Corner rue Beyries and boulevard Champlain


Artist's name: Benoit Brousseau

Location: Parc Félix-Leclerc


Artist's name: Rafael Sottolichio

Location: Outside entrance to the L'Octogone library, 1080 avenue Dollard  


Artist's name: Natacha Clitandre

Location: Corner avenue Dollard and rue Jean-Brillon (near the L'Octogone library)

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Source: Direction des relations avec les citoyens, du greffe et des services administratifs