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Montréal prepares for heat wave over the next few days

26 mai 2020

Montréal, le 26 mai 2020 -

High heat over the next few days and the ongoing pandemic are making the situation more complex for Montrealers looking to cool off. To respond to this extraordinary situation, the boroughs are gradually opening their play fountains and splash pads beginning today. 

As well, Montréal may exceptionally open certain infrastructures during the heat wave to ensure that Montrealers can cool off, since the usual places where people go to seek air conditioning, like shopping centres and libraries, are still closed. 

During heat waves, you must be sure to: 

  • Drink lots of water before you feel thirsty

  • Take cool baths and showers frequently

  • Limit physical activity

  • Wear light clothing

Montréal applies its special response plan during heat waves, which is defined as an average temperature over a three-day span that is equal or greater to 20 °C, or when nighttime temperatures do not fall below 25 °C for two consecutive nights. According to the plan, if we go into high alert (1 or 2), Montréal will launch door-to-door operations despite the pandemic. The fire and police departments are in charge of reaching out to the most vulnerable populations and sharing prevention tips with them. Agents going door to door must comply with all COVID-19 public health directives.