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Opening of seasonal markets and preventive measures in public markets

30 avril 2020

Montréal, April 30, 2020 –Montréal is announcing that seasonal markets will resume their operations for the summer, in various boroughs. 

The regional public health department has issued a favourable opinion regarding the opening of these markets, since they contribute to food security for Montréal families, by provding access to fresh and nutritional local foods. These markets are considered essential service providers, much like grocery stores and other food suppliers. Seasonal markets will must comply with public health directives, in order to ensure client and staff safety.

“Montrealers' food security is a priority for our administration, even more so in the context of the current health crisis. Seasonal markets give access to high quality, reasonably priced local products. Through these markets, we support our local agricultural producers, businesses and artisans, and we contribute to food diversity, particularly in areas where food is not readily accessible locally. Montrealers eagerly await their seasonal markets in these neighbourhoods, in order to have access to fresh produce,” stated Mayor Valérie Plante.


Preventive measures in public markets

Public markets remain open despite the current health crisis.  The city encourages all Montrealers to consume local foods, so as to support our local producers and artisans. Fresh products are always available, and our local providers are hard at work, preparing the summer operations of our city's public markets and neighbourhood markets as well.  

For customer safety, and in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, various hygiene measures were implemented in all public markets. Their facilities have been configured so as to maintain a 2 metre distance between customers and employees. In order to limit access to the markets, designated entrances have been configured. One person per household will be allowed in, so as to limit the number of customers present at one time. Hand-washing facilities will be placed at customers' disposal. Finally, customers will also have the possibility to order for pick-up. These measures are essential in the context of the current pandemic and come at a significant cost for public market managers and vendors, who have invested without hesitation in the safety of their customers and staff. The city commends their efforts and reiterates its support to all public market stakeholders in these difficult times.   

“Public markets are anchored in our communities. They play an essential role with respect to food security, by providing access to a wide array of fresh, local products for Montrealers. The city intends to strengthen their position in our bio-food industry, by supporting innovative practices, but also the expertise of our local artisans and producers, including our next generation of farmers,” stated Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, executive committee member in charge of the ecological transition, resilience, Space for life and urban agriculture.

The city is working with the public market network to lay out a common vision and to enhance services for the entire area of Montréal.