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COVID19 - Montréal announces changes to parking regulations

23 mars 2020

Montréal, le 22 mars 2020 - As part of COVID-19 safety measures, the city has changed some of its parking regulations for all boroughs in order to facilitate travel and ensure everyone's safety­.

Schedules on street signs coming into force

Street signs were to be effective on April 1, 2020. This date has been pushed forward to May 1, 2020. No tickets will be issued at this time. This measure is valid for all boroughs.

Residents-only street parking

For all boroughs, expired stickers are considered valid until further notice.

New stickers for residents-only zones will not be issued for the moment. 

Only people with a sticker can park in residents-only zones; otherwise, they risk getting a ticket.

Parking surveillances routes modified

Parking agents' surveillance routes have been modified in order to prioritize surveillance of infractions with the greatest impact on public safety. Payment for paid parking remains the same as the schedules posted on parking meters. Payment can be made by credit card on the parking station or the Agence de mobilité durable's mobile service.

The city would like to remind you that preventing infections is everyone's responsibility. Montrealers are asked to follow all public health recommendations issued by the Direction régionale de santé publique.

More details about measures implemented by the city around the COVID-19 outbreak are available here:

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