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Tabling of the Highlights of LaSalle's 2017 Financial Report

8 juin 2018

LaSalle, June 8, 2018 -In accordance with the Cities and Towns Act, which stipulates that at a regular Borough Council meeting, the Borough Mayor must report to residents on the highlights of Borough's financial results, Mayor Manon Barbe tabled her report on LaSalle's financial position in 2017 at a Council meeting held on June 4.

In addition to the details of the 2017 budget, the Mayor presented the year's achievement, the financial outlook for 2018 and the general directions of the three-year Capital Investment Program for 2018-2020.

"For LaSalle residents, 2017 was an advantageous year, with its budget surplus, reduction in local tax and major renovations of parks and pools," stated Mayor Barbe.

Of note among the highlights of 2017 are the $2-million reduction in local tax in 2017. With the $1-million drop in 2016, this means that $3 million stayed in LaSalle owners' pockets last year. "My colleagues on Council and I have announced a further $1.5-million reduction in this tax in 2018. The Borough is therefore continuing with the same outlook as last year, while maintaining the Borough's financial health and working for the residents and merchants on our territory," Mayor Barbe pointed out.

As for 2017 investments, the Mayor mentioned that although it didn't reach the 2016 record, 2017 was no less important in terms of investments for the benefit of LaSalle residents. All in all, approximately $23 million was invested in the redevelopment of buildings, parks and green spaces as well as in the improvement and maintenance of road, sewer and water networks.

The report on LaSalle's financial position in 2017 (Rapport sur la situation financière de LaSalle en 2017) may be found under Documents financiers in the Mairie d'arrondissement section of the Internet site at


Source: Affaires publiques et Greffe/GC