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The city unveils its vision of an international level, forward-looking downtown core

26 avril 2018

Montréal, le 26 avril 2018 - The mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, unveiled her vision for the transformation of the downtown core around the main artery that is Sainte-Catherine Ouest. This major project includes a full overhaul of the Sainte-Catherine Ouest redevelopment project, innovative mobility solutions, and a large public square on Rue McGill College, thus making our downtown core a must-see attraction, much like the Mont-Royal and the Vieux-Montréal.

“Today, we are unveiling a new concept for Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, because we have opted for a more meaningful, coherent and contemporary project, right in the heart of Montréal. In this regard, we are taking the project one step further, and are proposing a full transformation, for a more user-friendly, inviting and festive downtown core. The area is experiencing a true rebirth, attracting major investments the likes of which we have not seen for a very long time. We must take full advantage of this bustle to speed up its development and make it a destination” said Mayor Valérie Plante.


Preparatory work for Phase 1 of the redevelopment of Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest has begun in January 2018 and includes the rehabilitation of a major sewer conduit, and of infrastructures of the Commission des services électriques de Montréal. The redevelopment of the segment located between Rue De Bleury and Rue Mansfield includes the widening of sidewalks, a single traffic lane with a designated drop-off area for deliveries, intensive greening, distinctive urban furniture, all new LED lighting and free WiFi. Work for Phase 1 of this project is scheduled to be completed by December 2021.  

Beyond the much anticipated unveiling of the reimagined development concept for this iconic artery, the city presented its new aspirations for its downtown core. The strong urban design reflects the new commercial reality and a penchant for pedestrians, who make up 70% of the street's current usership.  Green public squares and innovative mobility solutions such as the dynamic parking guidance system and the development of an app to assist with off-street parking will make the downtown area, including Rue Sainte-Catherine and Rue McGill College, the very core of a unique commercial and tourist experience.

Over the next few years, the city also wishes to redevelop Square Phillips, Place du Frère-André, Place Saint-James, Square Dorchester, and above all, Place McGill, converting it into a major public square where thousands of workers, residents, students, customers and tourists can converge. A consultation concerning the development of Place McGill will also be held next winter, in order to ensure that the space created will reflect the aspirations of Montrealers.

For pictures of the upcoming developments click here , and for the promotional video, click here.


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