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Parks Canada and Lachine borough update on the closing of the Old Canal and sidewalk of Saint-Joseph Boulevard between 18th and 21st Avenues

11 avril 2018

Montréal, Lachine borough, le 11 avril 2018 - For several weeks, the Old Canal of Lachine and surrounding areas have been closed for preventive reasons between 18th and 21st Avenues. A fence was installed along the site and the sidewalk on the south side of Saint-Joseph Boulevard in order to temporarily prevent access by pedestrians and maintenance crews. In addition, boarding recreational boats will not permitted in this part of the Old canal. Floating safety barriers were installed under the bridges defining this sector from east to west. Automobile traffic on Saint-Joseph Boulevard is not affected by these measures. The bridges spanning the canal, as well as the Promenade Père-Marquette are open and safe for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The decision to temporarily close the area bordering the canal in this sector was taken by Parks Canada for preventive reasons after observing signs of movement in a section of the Old Canal wall.   Although additional repairs are planned for October 2018.  The priority at this time is to secure the sector and prohibit access. The Borough of Lachine and Parks Canada continue to collaborate on this matter to ensure the safety and well-being of users.

For more information regarding the details of this notification, on the Lachine Canal, please consult