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Yes, we can change the world!

22 mars 2016

Montréal, March 22, 2016 – All month long from March 25 to April 24, Montréal Space for Life invites us to consider what we are doing to the world's marine ecosystems. To make visitors aware of all the plastic polluting our oceans, the Biodôme team is actually going to be littering the Biodôme's Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystem with plastic debris – they're bound to get a reaction and get people talking about what can be done about the problem, with Earth Day just around the corner! An intriguing debris recovery platform in the main basin will also serve as an introduction to the amazing story of Boyan Slat, the Dutch teen who launched a fascinating project aimed at cleaning up the oceans. This year, the Biodôme is focusing on the plastic microbeads in so many of the products we buy. Come learn how to make better-informed choices… because yes, even with small actions, we can change the world!

The Ocean Cleanup: a remarkable environmental project

To help visitors understand Boyan Slat's concept, a scale model of the plastic debris recovery platform, central to The Ocean Cleanup project, will be installed in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystem.

Every little action counts

Explore the Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystem and check out our interactive terminals, short videos and interpretation stations. Then chat with our nature interpreters to learn more about the impact of plastic pollution and some simple steps we can take to lessen the impact.

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Marie-Joëlle Filion
Communications Co-ordinator

Karine Vendette
Communications Assistant