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New Collection Schedule Starting February 29, 2016: A Calendar Will Be Delivered Door-to-Door in the coming days

5 janvier 2016

Montréal, le 5 janvier 2016 - Now that Ville de Montréal has taken charge of the pick-up and transportation of waste materials, major changes will be made to the schedules of the various collections, starting February 29, 2016.

The Borough will be carrying out a communications campaign at the beginning of 2016 in order to inform all LaSalle residents of the changes made.

KEEP IT HANDY: the Collections Calendar delivered to your home
In January 2016, you will be receiving a calendar by mail, indicating the monthly schedule, by sector, of each of the collections (household waste, recycling, bulky waste, green waste). There you will also find a detailed map of the sectors and the new features to come.

• Recyclables: The four sectors for the recycling collection remain unchanged. Your collection day for recyclables remains the same as in years past.
• Household waste: The household waste collection will be carried out on the same day as the recycling collection, starting February 29,  2016.
• Food scraps: The food scraps collection will start on May 3, 2016 in Blue sector, the sector where the recycling collection is carried out on Fridays.

In January 2016, keep an eye out in your mail and take care to hold onto your collections calendar!