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Working Committee Report on the Status of Metropolis : A prosperous and inclusive metropolis for sustainable development

14 octobre 2015

Montréal, le 14 octobre 2015 -The Mayor of Montréal, Mr. Denis Coderre, was extremely pleased to receive the Working Committee Report on the Status of Metropolis, in conjunction with its negotiations with the government of Québec. The committee is chaired by Ms. Monique F. Leroux, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group.

“More than ever, the world's big cities are international poles for sustainable economic and social development. The committee's report clearly demonstrates that Montréal has the major assets to fulfil this role and meet the ever-present challenges a metropolis faces. In order to achieve this, however, Québec's metropolis must have specific means in order to assume this role to the fullest,” said the Mayor of Montréal.

The committee's report recommends a modernized partnership between the Government of Québec and the Ville de Montréal that recognizes Montréal's status as a metropolis and, consequently, gives it the powers and the financing sources that will allow it to fully assume its role.

The report contains 35 specific recommendations meant to ensure that Montréal has the tools that are indispensable for its development and support its efforts to achieve effective administration. To be an effective metropolis in the 21st century, the city must meet the varied and constantly evolving needs of Montréal's communities.

“My sincere thanks go out to Ms. Monique F. Leroux and each member of the working committee for their thorough and thoughtful work and the relevance of their recommendations concerning the metropolis, relations between the Ville de Montréal and the government of Québec and the powers and responsibilities vested in each, and the internal organization of the city. Your report is sure to make a vital contribution to Montréal's future,” added the Mayor of Montréal.

The centrepiece to come: an enabling law for the metropolis

Several of the report's recommendations concern, in particular, housing, local services, anti-poverty measures, the reception and integration of immigrants, the revitalization of neighbourhoods, economic development, and so forth.

“Montréal has long been fertile terrain for the development of solutions to the economic and social problems it has had to solve for the benefit of its population, and often for all Quebecers, given its role as a metropolis. Montréal cannot act alone, however. It will always need support and cooperation from other Québec regions and all levels of government in order to be a dynamic and prosperous international metropolis. That's why Montréal hopes to forge a true partnership with the Government of Québec that fully addresses the challenges faced by the metropolis. A bold and visionary partnership that benefits us all will pave for way for collective prosperity for decades to come,” added Mr. Coderre.

The adoption, in 2016, of a law on the status of metropolis will serve as the centrepiece of this new partnership between Québec and the metropolis. The law will give Montréal the flexibility it needs to act effectively and seize opportunities, on behalf of Québec society, to put forward solutions that are suited to the major challenges it faces as Québec's metropolis. The committee's report presents several benchmarks and recommendations in this regard.

A status of metropolis that gives Montréal the powers to act, ensure its own development and take its place on the international stage

“The metropolis is prepared to play a larger role in several areas and to take on new responsibilities. On this issue, it's important to be clear, however, that any new delegation of responsibilities must be accompanied by new financial resources that are sufficient and permanent,” concluded Mr. Coderre.

To view the Working Committee Report on the Status of Metropolis, entitled A Prosperous and Inclusive Metropolis for Sustainable Development, please go to

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