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The Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities Translated in Hebrew

25 juin 2015

Montréal, le 25 juin 2015—Montréal Mayor Denis Coderre received members of Montréal's Jewish and Israeli communities at City Hall yesterday for the official presentation of the Hebrew version of the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. Provided with courtesy of McGill University, the translation also benefitted from the expertise of Tel Aviv University and the support of Judge Barbara Seal, President of the Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University. Accompanied by Mr. Lionel Perez, Executive Committee Member Responsible for Democracy and in the presence of the Israel Consul General, numerous elected officials and representatives of McGill University, the Mayor highlighted the importance of this democratic instrument that will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary. 

“The city fosters principles of justice, peace, inclusion, solidarity and respect with this inspirational document. One reason for such interest in the Charter is that it has been developed by and for citizens. Now, with a Hebrew version, we would like to underscore the important contributions of the Jewish community to Montréal's development and vitality,” said the Mayor.

The Montréal Charter has attracted great international notice and is available in eight languages. The Hebrew text is the fifth official translation provided by McGill University and most others have been produced in partnership with other university throughout the world.

“The Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities mirrors the great wealth that Montréal's diversity represents—a wealth further enhanced by promoting inclusiveness and harmonious relations among all our communities of every origin,” noted Mr. Lionel Perez.

The Charter recognizes the citizen's role in the management of municipal affairs and provides a social contract, along with the city administration's commitment to improve the services it offers the public. 

The Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities is a first in North America. It is often cited throughout the world as a tool for encouraging inclusiveness and Living Together. The June 11 of signing the Montréal Declaration on Living Together by 23 mayors of cities and metropolises around the world further affirms Montréal's leadership in areas of openness and inclusion. The different versions of the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities and its plain language and alternate spelling adaptations can be viewed on the city's Web site. The Montréal Charter can also be obtained in braille at city libraries.