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The Ville de Montréal invites households who will be without a home as of July 1 to call 514 868-4002 for assistance

8 juin 2015

Montréal, le 8 juin 2015 - The moving period is approaching and Russell Copeman, member of the Montréal Executive Committee, responsible for housing, announced that the city is, again this year, implementing measures to help low-income households who will be without a home as of July 1. Montrealers who have reason to believe that they will be without a home as of July 1 may call starting today the referral service help line at 514-868-4002 for assistance in finding housing.

“Although the July-1 period emergency situation is less severe than in the early 2000s, we understand that families who find themselves without a home can go through hardships. The referral service will step up efforts between June 8 and July 3 to help households find a home. Large affordable housing units are scarce, and this service is aimed especially at low-income households who will be without a home this moving period. We urge them to call the help line for assistance,” said Mr. Copeman.

In 2014, between mid-June and mid-July, 26 households received assistance from the city and its partners, 8 more than for the same period in 2013. The city administration works closely with the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal and with community and humanitarian organizations, including Sun Youth, to provide temporary lodging to households without a home and to make sure that no one is left out on the street on July 1.

Although the situation has improved significantly, it is still difficult for vulnerable Montréal households to find large, low-rent housing in the city. Montréal continues to promote the development of affordable housing, including social and community units. Since 2002, close to 16,000 housing units of this type were developed in Montréal. Approximately 6,100 of those units are family-housing units, including a significant number of large units, 2,500 of which with three bedrooms or more. Projects that include hundreds of housing units are in planning.