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Key issues

Place du quartier des spectaclesInitiatives, projects and policies to maintain or enhance Montrealers’ quality of life.





  • Economic Report
    The Economic Report provides an overview of the economic situation of the Montréal agglomeration through a number of performance indicators that affect different aspects of the economy, such as the job market, investments, knowledge, housing, transportation, tourism and demographics.
  • Social economy
    On the island of Montréal, economic sociology means $2 billion worth of business and 60,000 jobs in various companies, cooperatives and non-profit organizations.

Environment and sustainable development

  • St. Lawrence River (in French)
    Declaration by mayors of shoreline municipalities along the Saint Lawrence River located in the stronghold of the Great Lakes.
  • Natural habitats
    Policy on the protection and enhancement of natural habitats.
  • Tree Policy
    With the Tree Policy, the city substantiates its vision of sustainable development and recognizes the importance of city trees both public and private. This policy draft, drawn up in cooperation with the boroughs and various central municipal departments, defines trees as key constituents of Montréal’s urban fabric and provides everyone municipal authorities, citizens and land owners with the tools necessary to protect and develop the island’s arboreal heritage.
  • Transportation Plan
    Offering the means of transportation to meet the needs of all Montréalers and making their city a pleasant place to live while promoting economic prosperity and respecting the environment. In order to achieve this, Montréal wishes to reduce the use of personal vehicles and promote the use of public transit and active modes of transportation.
  • Corporate action plan to protect our climate (in French)
    Montréal has taken initiatives to promote solutions favouring sustainable development.
  • Plan for the Management of Residual Materials (in French)
    The Plan for the Management of Residual Materials, adopted by the Montréal agglomeration on August 27, 2009, describes 49 actions and 16 infrastructures needed to attain the recovery objectives set forth in Québec's Residual Materials Management Policy. The 10-year plan will be reviewed after its first five years in force.
  • First strategic plan for sustainable development (in French)
    This document sets forth an orientation and an action plan for Montréal regarding sustainable development. In addition to the city, several organizations in various sectors have helped engineer the Plan and have formally pledged to participate in its implementation. Montréal residents are also invited to take action at home and at the workplace.
  • 2008 Summary [766 KB - 134 pages]


  • Montréal Family Policy (in French)
    The municipal administration has just made public its family policy, "Pour grandir à Montréal," and its 2008-2012 action plan, both of which are awaiting approval by city council on its meeting on May 26, 2008. There are many reasons for these initiatives, one of the most important being to highlight the quality of life that Montréal offers families and the city's desire to work constantly towards improve it.


  • Heritage policy
    Our collective heritage represents the history of our community and the origins and accomplishments of its people. It constitutes a uniting force in this world of constant change. Participate in public consultations.
  • Mount Royal Protection and Enhancement Plan [12.1 MB - 82 pages]
    The Mount Royal Protection and Enhancement Plan lays out objectives for protecting and enhancing Mount Royal, and sets out implementation measures to attain these objectives


  • Affordable housing: inclusion strategy [1.95 MB - 42 pages]
    The city intends to use all of its available tools, resources and exper tise to reach its objective: that 30 per cent of all new housing built be affordable. One of the major tools to reach this objective is the proposed strategy of inclusion of affordable housing units in new residential projects.


  • Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
    In addition to fostering closer ties among citizens, elected officials and the municipal administration, the charter helps to improve the quality of public services. With this charter, the city has an essential tool for building a future rooted in the qualities we value: openness, respect, solidarity, transparency, and democracy.

Politics and democracy

  • Public consultation and participation policy [742 KB - 5 pages]
    Montréal’s public consultation and participation policy aims to foster, through the appropriate practices, the exercise of participatory democracy, a key component in any representative democracy. In creating this policy, Montréal acknowledges the fundamental rights of the public to influence the decisions that affect them and to participate in the development of their community


  • Policy for a Peaceful and Safe Environment in Montréal [658 KB- 28 pages]
    The Policy for a Peaceful and Safe Environment in Montréal was produced as a result of the Montréal Summit and confirms the city’s commitment, set out in the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities, to citizens’ right to safety.

Universal accessibility

Urban planning

  • Master Plan
    The Master Plan, which was produced as a result of the Montréal Summit held in June 2002, presents a planning and development vision for the city, as well as measures for implementing the goals and objectives resulting from that vision.