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Commission de la fonction publique de Montréal


Created by provincial legislation, the Commission de la fonction publique de Montréal is a neutral, independent organization whose primary role is to verify the fair and impartial nature of the city’s staffing process and labour management policies.

By municipal law, the commission is also in charge of ensuring that candidates undergoing the same hiring process are evaluated fairly and impartially.

The commission’s work is based on core values that foster a fair, transparent, impartial, skill-based staffing process. The commission issues notices and recommendations concerning decisions made by city council, the executive committee, borough councils and any other municipal body that falls under its authority.


The Commission de la fonction publique de Montréal was created in 1944 by a municipal by-law, under which it was designated as the Civil Service Commission. The commission received its current name in 1978. Historically, the commission played a key role in hiring staff, including determining the candidate’s profile and assessment tools, giving examinations and participating in assessment committees.

After the citywide merger in 2003 and in order to respect the boroughs’ independence in staffing matters, the commission was instituted under the city charter. Its mandate and mission changed significantly. Today, the commission verifies staffing and labour management policies for the city by assessing and approving skill evaluation methods, receiving complaints about the skill evaluation process and preparing notices and recommendations.


The commission hopes to make a significant contribution to the quality of the municipal organization by helping to attract competent, non-partisan labour. The commission keeps up with staffing trends and can adapt to changes that the organization may face in the future while assuring citizens, elected officials and municipal employees that the basic principles of labour are being followed.

The commission favours a constructive and collaborative approach to its clientele, while remaining objective and diligent.