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Mobile apps

  • Mon RésoVélo

    Réso Vélo

    Mon RésoVélo is a free app that collects information about your bike travels. The data collected is used to learn more about Montréal cyclists in order to plan bike paths around their routes. With this app, you can also view a map of Montréal’s bike path network.

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  • Branché


    Branché is an app about trees in the city. It’s linked to a municipal database and enables you to identify more than 200,000 trees by your location. The species of trees that you are seeing is automatically displayed on your screen.

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More citizen apps!

Dozens of citizen (in French) apps are available, most of them developed by Montréal designers using the city’s open data.

Latest app: Travel through time with the Montréal Avant app! (in French) See before and after photos and a description of more than 200 places across Montréal.