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City council chair’s office

Mr Frantz Benjamin Created by city council in 2002, the city council chair’s office is a neutral and impartial municipal body, the guardian of democratic values at city hall.

Reporting to the city council chair, is invested with a number of responsibilities whose aim is to foster citizens’ confidence and participation in public life. This office is often the first point of contact with the municipal administration for citizens, the public at large and parliamentarians.

The role of the city council chair is to lead meetings of city council and the city council chair’s committee. He is also the second official host of city hall, after the mayor

Additionally, the city council chair is in charge of guided tours of city hall for schools and groups, manages exhibitions in the hall of honour and works with the Montréal Youth Council, a municipal simulation by young Montrealers.

The city council chair’s office ensures that citizens’ rights are respected at city council meetings and that the historic character of city hall and its safety are preserved.

Finally, the city council chair’s committee manages administrative matters for the city's welcome and protocol office and the city’s three advisory bodies: the Conseil jeunesse, the Conseil des Montréalaises, and the Conseil interculturel (in French).

The council chair is Mr. Frantz Benjamin.

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