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Mayor of Montréal Takes Part in C2MTL 2014 Launch

27 mai 2014

Montréal, le 27 mai 2014 - The Mayor of Montréal, Denis Coderre, attended today a ceremony for the launching of the 3rd edition of C2MTL, which will take place at the Arsenal situated in the city's Southwest borough, May 27-29. Driven by creativity and innovation, C2MTL aims to stimulate and inspire local and international entrepreneurs by offering an immersive environment to foster cooperation as well as the emergence of new business solutions.

“Montréal has been a partner of C2MTL from the beginning, and recognizes the importance and relevance of this event. Over the past two years, the media impact and economic spinoffs have helped to position Montréal as a creative city within the business community and assert its status as a UNESCO City of Design. Montréal has committed to providing $200,000 per year in financial support for the 2014 to 2016 editions of C2MTL. This contribution will help the organization achieve stability for its projects and focus on spreading the reputation of Montréal”, said Mayor Coderre.

This financial support is awarded as part of a $175-million assistance protocol concluded between the Government of Québec's Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine and the city, to help implement projects to support the development of Montréal.

For the current edition of C2MTL, the city is allocating $66,000 in financial support to highlight the talent of Montréal designers. This award comes from the Government of Québec's Entente de développement culturel, which recognizes the importance of showcasing in promoting our cultural identity. The city is also adding $50,000 to support the cabinet éphémère pop-up boutique project. This amount will derive from the $175-million assistance protocol signed by the Québec Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine and the Ville de Montréal.

Montréal takes an active part in C2MTL
The City of Montréal will have a strong presence at this 3rd edition of C2MTL as it will highlight several projects and initiatives.

For a second consecutive year, the city will produce the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL boutique aimed at promoting local creativity. This space brings together more than 40 designers with over 150 products, in a dynamic showcase for local designers. This space also acts as a meeting place and forum for networking activities among designers, businesses and international guests.

Parcours PME-C2MTL 2014: This year, Montréal is introducing the Parcours PME-C2MTL 2014 project to support innovation within Montréal small-and-medium-size businesses (SME) showing high growth potential. This project will enable 10 SMEs to take part in C2MTL through an immersive course offering innovative and creative solutions to their problems.

Montréal is a major financial partner for the Cabinet éphémère – boutique nomade des créateurs pop-up boutique, which highlights innovation and talent in the field of fashion. Montréal fashion designers will be called upon to promote Montréal fashion signature and design DNA. This is also an opportunity to showcase local industry's know-how to other local designers and international buyers.

24 heures de l'innovation: This event, which takes place outside C2MTL, challenges more than 1,000 students and members of the community in 10 different countries. Montréal, proud to be part of this event again this year, steps up to the challenge to:
• Help improve the fluidity of freight transportation.
• Offer solutions to businesses to sell products remotely which will allow clients to see, touch and experience.

Tournée Montréal, ville de cinéma! New this year, the Montréal Film and TV Commission will be holding a creative tour of film locations to highlight the wealth, expertise and extent of the cinema and audiovisual industry. Montréal is an international production centre with production revenues of $1.3 billion. This tour will unveil the many facets of Montréal through the eyes of renowned producers who transform the city into Paris, Berlin or New York for the duration of a film production, and turn Montréal into a must-experience city.

Significant economic spinoffs for Montréal
The first two editions of C2MTL were a solid success, attracting more than 3,250 participants from 42 countries as well as a number of renowned international speakers and panellists. According to the Institut de la statistique du Québec, this networking event generated economic spinoffs of $13 million to date. Some 20 international speakers and more than 2,000 participants from the business community are expected to attend the 2014 edition. C2MTL will once again propose the world annual conference concept to better explore the business/creativity momentum through multiple conferences, interactive exhibitions, multimedia presentations and cooperative workshops.