Montréal, Cultural Metropolis

The Action Plan – Then and Now


1st guideline : Improve access to culture

2nd guideline : Invest in the arts and culture

3rd guideline : Enrich the cultural quality of the living

  • 3.1 Preserve and highlight Montréal’s heritage and also highlight the areas, sites, monuments and buildings of heritage interest
    • Promote the process of evaluating the heritage interest of places, as an ideal tool for knowledge and help in decision making in relation to heritage matters
    • Develop a strategy for promoting the waterside roadway
    • Produce an intervention framework with regard to commemoration
    • Establish a development plan based on restoring municipal heritage buildings and redeveloping public property in areas of heritage interest
    • Extend the assistance program designed for owners of buildings of heritage interest to the entire Montréal area
    • Create and implement a strategy for promotion and information regarding knowledge, expertise and accomplishments in Montréal, in relation to history and heritage
  • 3.2 Promote excellence in architecture and design
    • Widen the use of competitions, workshops and expert panels to promote the quality of construction and development projects at an early stage
    • Set up support tools and incentives to facilitate these practices
    • Highlight outstanding projects and achievements
  • 3.3 Make public art a notable component of the urban landscape
    • Implement the action plan for public art
    • With the support of the business community, launch and carry out a public art signature project every two years
  • 3.4 Continue to highlight Montréal Harbourfront and its historic district
    • Pursue public sector investments to promote heritage in Old Montréal and Pointe-du-Moulin
    • Agree on steps to be taken to ensure the future of Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History
    • Continue to promote and develop the Old Port of Montréal
    • Increase joint action between public- and private-sector partners in order to establish a genuine “historic district” including Old Montréal, the Old Port and the Lachine Canal entrance
    • Implement a promotion and development plan for Sainte-Hélène and Notre-Dame islands, in preparation for the 50th anniversary of Expo 67
  • 3.5 Make the Quartier des spectacles (entertainment district) a success
    • Consolidate the development of the Quartier des spectacles as a place for training, creation, production and presentation, by supporting the development of new, affordable cultural facilities and spaces
    • Contribute toward the sustainability of cultural festivals and events by creating a network of planned and equipped public places
    • Continue and complete the branding exercise for the Quartier des spectacles
  • 3.6 Ensure the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal
    • Implement the action plan for protecting and enhancing Mount Royal, with the support of the Table de concertation du Mont-Royal
    • Implement a research and promotion program for Mount Royal’s heritage
    • Complete funding for the Mount Royal heritage pact and ensure its sustainability with the various partners
  • 3.7 Complete the development of the Pôle Maisonneuve sector
    • Carry out the Espace pour la vie project, the main centre for promoting science culture
    • Confirm the intended recreational and tourist use of the Olympic Park
  • 3.8 Support the development of cultural districts throughout the Montréal area
    • In cooperation with the boroughs and civil society, agree upon appropriate guidelines and measures for encouraging the development and promotion of cultural districts throughout Montréal territory

4th guideline : Help promote Montréal’s reputation in Québec, in Canada as a whole and internationally

5th guideline : Provide Montréal with sufficient means for emaining a cultural metropolis