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The Action Plan – Then and Now

The Importance of Action

Montréal’s potential as a cultural metropolis has rarely ever felt so promising. This city can always count upon its bubbling brew of talent and expertise, as well as compelling, internationally-lauded achievements in all artistic disciplines and cultural endeavours. Its culture resonates within the citizenry and draws enthusiastic and loyal followers; a new consensus has been reached among the leaders of all Montréal sectors to participate in the promotion of arts and culture as a means to city development; Montréal’s international status as a hotbed of culture outweighs its relatively modest size.

Equally rare is the level of competition on the national, continental and international levels, with the majority of humanity now dwelling in cities. Inspired by recent observations on the power of creativity and an increasing desire to improve their cultural offering and positioning, cities of all sizes are now seeking ways to stake their ground in the economies of knowledge, creativity and culture through a variety of bold strategies and heavy investments.

For all these reasons, it is imperative (indeed crucial) to focus on Montréal’s distinctiveness as:

  • A city with an exceptional, concentrated mass of first-class artists and designers in all domains;
  • A city which, by virtue of its size and openness to the world at large, has become a recognized centre of creation on the international stage;
  • A city which fully embraces its identity and responsibilities as the largest French-speaking city in North America where, to the envy of others, all the languages and accents of the world live together in harmony;
  • A city in which achievements in training, research, design, production, performance and cultural preservation are celebrated by its population, appreciated by millions of tourists, and are in growing demand around the world.

Doing it together

The understanding of the importance of action is shared by all partners in Montréal: the cultural and business worlds are both conscious of the fact that the future of Québec’s metropolis is to be found in strong relationships between the areas of knowledge acquisition, innovation, creativity and culture. Québec rejoices in the benefits of a strong and appealing metropolis known around the world, living in harmony with the regions and lending strength to their growth. Canada also wishes to maintain its significant partnership with Montréal in a strategy that seeks to accelerate the development of its major cities as engines of economic activity and as a way of life for an ever-increasing number of citizens

A ten year plan

It is important to take action; it is essential to take action together.

In 2007, it was necessary to apply a time aspect to the Action Plan to allow, as its accomplishments accumulated, the proper organization and adjustment of plans to come, as well as the initiation and implementation of major projects. This time frame, agreed to by all partners and reaffirmed in November 2012, is ten years ending in 2017, the year in which will be celebrated the 50th anniversary of Expo 67, Canada’s 150th birthday and Montréal’s 375th birthday, as well as the 25th anniversary of the Politique culturelle du Québec and, of course, the 10th year of the 2007-2017 Action Plan Montréal, Cultural Metropolis.