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The Action Plan – Then and Now

The Action Plan : Then and Now

The following pages outline the 2007-2017 Action Plan – Montréal, Cultural Metropolis, as articulated through the work accomplished at the Rendez vous of November 26, 2012.

2007 witnessed the formation of an unprecedented alliance. Elected officials and management personnel of Ville de Montréal joined with people from Culture Montréal, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal and the Governments of Québec and Canada in a concerted effort on a scale never seen before. They all contributed members to a Steering Committee which dared to imagine a cultural metropolis for the 21st century, drawing upon their mutual will and commitment to step up and take action. These efforts took form in the 2007-2017 Action Plan – Montréal Cultural Metropolis, a blueprint at once realistic and ambitious, targeted and visionary.

In November of 2007, the Action Plan was endorsed by hundreds of leaders from all sectors of Montréal activity. Today, it stands as the city’s road map to cultural development.

At the time of these beginnings, the vision for Montréal, Cultural Metropolis was laid out in a ten-year actin plan, based on solid and promising orientations shared by all parties:

  • Improved access to culture
  • Investment in arts and culture
  • Enrichment of quality of life
  • Promotion of Montréal to the rest of Québec, Canada and the World
  • Providing Montréal the resources to be a cultural metropolis.

At Rendez-vous 2012, it was clear that the momentum begun five years earlier had led to keener insights as well as concrete accomplishments. It was also the time to clarify the road forward to the Action Plan’s target year of 2017, and beyond. 2017 bears highly symbolic importance because of three anniversaries: the 375th for Montréal, the 50th for Expo 67 and the 150th for Canada.

The balance point, at which all the actions undertaken since 2007 come together to reveal a coherent whole, is at hand. In a city that constantly rediscovers itself and decisively asserts itself as a cultural metropolis, the Rendez-vous events of 2007 and 2012 represent momentous rallying points for all players in the cultural development movement. They also stand as excellent opportunities to inform and mobilize Montréal citizens, the business and education sectors, and the large institutions that steadily contribute to the artistic and culture life of the city. They reinforce and adapt the Action Plan in support of the immense creative potential of the metropolis contained within its most dynamic and vibrant characteristic: its culture.

These two Rendez-vous events gave voice to the many forces which drive the artistic, cultural, economic, social and democratic development of Montréal. They expressed their expectations, questions and ambitions, thereby enhancing the 2007-2017 Action Plan – Montréal, Cultural Metropolis, presented to them on both occasions by the Steering Committee.

This exercise, with participation by Montréalers, cultural advocates and business people, has identified a clear vision and way forward that now involves not only the cultural sector, but all who build Montréal in their own way, every day.