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The Action Plan – Then and Now

Imagine the Potential

In the years to come, our world will evolve ever more rapidly and become more and more competitive. This maxim is true economically but equally so in terms of culture.

To succeed in the face of such competition, Montréal must, with constancy and determination, continue to rally around the implementation of the Action Plan. With this in mind, the principals of cohesion and cooperation outlined in the governance approach carry significant importance. But we must go further. In the globalized economy of the 21st Century, we must also clearly understand the placement of Montréal’s image and the nature of what must be done to improve aspects which are real as well as those which are perceived, both here and elsewhere.

In terms of culture, Montréal’s “essence” is made up of several components which are considered to be priorities and which demand close attention. Our overall creative productivity is one; add to this the quality, quantity and diversity of our festivals, as well as the ongoing development of Quartier des spectacles and our built heritage; these are just a few examples. The question before us is: how do we maintain their high degree of quality, their appealing character, their charm?

In the same vein, this “essence” must be augmented by other component parts with strong growth potential. Here we are thinking of design, digital culture and the cultural quarters. We also think of our places of symbolic importance such as Mont-Royal, Old Montréal and the Old Port, all regarded amongst the most significant of historic sites in North America.

Another element of this discussion is the alliance between the art and business communities, and the strengthening of cultural philanthropy and patronage. Furthermore, consolidating ties with Montréal universities, the consular community and international organizations represents not only a local asset but a factor in bringing international attention to Montréal’s artistic and cultural capabilities. All of these strategic, yet natural, alliances have the potential to yield impressive and lasting results. This is particularly the case when thinking ahead to 2017, when Montréal welcomes visitors from around the world to celebrate its 375th birthday.