Montréal, Cultural Metropolis

The Action Plan – Then and Now


We have accomplished much.

The momentum begun in November 2007 has resulted in insights and tangible results that form the attributes of a cultural metropolis.

Our cooperative framework and our determination have been put to the test and today, we are one of the strongest forces at play in Montréal.

Our alliance is growing and Montréal has taken a position of strength among the world’s great and emerging cultural cities asserting themselves with panache on the international stage.

We have overcome our respective concerns and interest to build for Montréal a common purpose and project, the returns of which will flow to our citizens, visitors, and those here and elsewhere who wish to make their futures here:

  • We have formed an alliance that breaks down traditional barriers and brings minds together;
  • Our long-term projection is for the construction of a flexible master plan based on the willingness and resources of all partners;
  • Above all, we have the will and determination to believe in ourselves and in the power of our commitment.

We are on our way to meeting our challenges.

We have been working since 2007, and we can take pride in where we were then and where we are now. The 2007-2017 Action Plan represents years of cooperation, engagement and effort for Montréal, Cultural Metropolis. While 2017 may be a turning point, it will by no means be an ending. The momentum we have started will lead to new horizons and perspectives which will take us well beyond this Action Plan.

Montréal, Cultural Metropolis, now a reality, will always be an idea to be renewed in the pursuit of perfection.