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The Action Plan – Then and Now

In 2017, Montréal will present itself as

… a Cosmopolitan, French-speaking City

Montréal is proud of its French character, and this pride is shared by new arrivals to the city, coming from around the world in greater numbers than ever to blend their native accents with the French language. This sentiment does not, however, obscure in any way the historic and ongoing contributions of the English-speaking community and First Nations, and the fact that the city’s culture continues to blossom and grow through the contributions of all its immigrant citizens. This commixture and hybridization is evident in the composition of our artistic scene and population.

… a City of Culture in all its Districts

Vibrant cultural quarters form a cultural metropolis because culture lives and breathes throughout its fabric; each citizen is at the centre of cultural activity, not only as a spectator, but as an active participant. Arts and culture have their intrinsic values, but they are also as a means of achieving community well-being, as a vehicle for citizen involvement and as an integrative mechanism for new arrivals.

… a City of Learning and Culture … Every Day

More and more Montréalers are visiting their libraries which are increasingly enriching, more numerous, better equipped, open at all hours and at the cutting edge of technology. Libraries, cultural centres, museums and recreation centres promote socialization and sensitization by being readily available to citizens and exposing them to creative minds from all backgrounds. Champions of Montréal’s cultural vitality throughout the city and instruments in the battle against social exclusion, libraries and numerous other venues located everywhere have increased their presence in the daily lives of families, schools and local communities.

… a City of Creative Abundance

Montréal has more than ever taken its place within a network of cultural metropolises through the number, quality and originality of its artists, designers, artistic companies, festivals and cultural enterprises. Intercultural, interdisciplinary and international exchanges, as well as projects linking art and technology, are strong elements of Montréal creativity. A strategy that brings governments and businesses together is resulting in considerable improvements to the funding of the arts and culture. This also introduces variations to forms of partnerships and financing while increasing cultural and economic benefits. In these ways, Montréal is a kind of laboratory in which, day by day, are discovered new ways of doing things. Because, beyond quantity, the quality and strength of partnerships must come to the fore.

… a City of Public Art, Heritage and Design

With its designation as a UNESCO City of Design, Montréal has mobilized the public and private sectors in the redevelopment of its surroundings. This favours the cultural development of public spaces by giving places of privilege to our heritage and public art. With their emphasis on esthetic qualities and citizen ownership, these areas are drawing international attention.

… an Avant-Garde, International City

Across all its economic, cultural, social and environmental activities, Montréal is regarded as a creative metropolis, constantly at the forefront of self-renewal. The power of this image succeeds in attracting talent and investment. In terms of art and culture, Montréal maintains the strength and wealth of its parts – notably in the quality of its creativity, festivals and built heritage – with a foundation able to accept new niches that are strategically promising. Objectively-speaking, Montréal is advantageously positioned to accentuate its creativity and knowledge, its artists, enterprises and cultural institutions, and to see them spread far and wide around the world.