Montréal, Cultural Metropolis

Rendez-Vous 2012

Rendez-Vous 2012 Program

Monday, November 29, at TOHU (2345, rue Jarry Est)

8 h 30 Official opening
9 h Update – Montréal, Cultural Metropolis – 2007-2012

9 h 30

Start of proceedings

  • Preliminary steps prior to the 2012 event
  • Selected focal points of proceedings
  • Operating procedures
10 h Break

10 h 30

1st focus – Local Montréal

11 h 30 Lunch break

13 h 30

2nd focus – Global Montréal

14 h 30

3rd focus – The new funding models

15 h 30 Post-mortem of discussions
15 h 45 Break
16 h 15 Official closing
17 h 45 Reception

Procedure for speakers

The three Rendez-Vous 2012 plenary sessions will be approximately one hour each. Participants who want to address the floor at a plenary session have a choice of two options:

Planned speech

In this case, participants will prepare their speech in advance, after having requested to do when submitting their online registration and after having received approval from the organizers. Each speaker will sit with the other guests and will have three minutes to deliver his/her speech to the other participants.

Participants wanting to make a planned speech during a plenary session must indicate this on their registration form.

Spontaneous address

During the plenary sessions, the participants in the room will be invited to come up to the microphone to speak. The moderator will give them the floor, in turn, according to order of arrival. Each speaker will have a maximum of two minutes in this case.