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The principal mission of the International Institute for the Management of Major Metropolises, based in Montréal (IIMMM), is to strengthen the institutional and professional capacities of local and metropolitan authorities and their leaders for better public governance.


Most major cities have developed an open economy and, consequently, are well aware of the necessities of competition and productivity. Growth and globalization as such are not new; rather, it is the accelerated speed at which they are taking place that sets current and future economic situations apart from the past. This acceleration demands that cities be able to compete both with the private sector as well as with other cities.

To this end, the elected representatives, leaders and employees of cities and public bodies in general must be encouraged to upgrade their skills and increase their expertise in order to help their organization perform better and adapt more easily to new situations. Capacity building has become imperative for meeting current and future urban challenges.

Recognizing this new reality, Metropolis, the World Association for Major Metropolises, has created the International Institute for the Management of Major Metropolises. It hopes that this initiative will be endorsed by all public bodies and be seen as a necessary effort to promote skills development, a better of quality of life for all citizens, and greater international cooperation.

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