Citizens and the Montreal Film and TV Commission

The Logistics Department of the Montréal Film and Television Commission is responsible for making  public property in the City of Montréal available for film shooting. In doing so, we must reconcile the demands of film production companies who are our clients with those of residents, merchants and other users of public property. We must ensure that these users are inconvenienced as little as possible by the filming activities in their neighbourhood.

To facilitate the film production teams in the field, the MFTC has produced a "Guidelines on Municipal Logistical Support for Feature Films and Televisual Shootings on Public Property ” in order to ensure peaceful coexistence between the various users. 

The City, through its Film and Television Commission, expects all film crew staff to be, at all time, respectful and courteous towards the communities that host their productions. Our Code of Conduct is handed to all crew members who must comply with it in all circumstances. If a production crew is in your area and you witness poor conduct from one of its members, please feel free to contact us.