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Société de développement commercial contributions

A SDC, Société de développement commercial, is a non-profit organization that promotes the economic development of an area.

Plaza Saint-Hubert 6841, rue Saint-Hubert
Tel.: 514 276-8501
Fax.: 514 276-9303
Plaza Monk 6658, boul. Monk
Tel.: 514 766-4131
Fax.: 514 766-6427
Promenade Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Promenade Ontario
3350, rue Ontario Est
Tel.: 514 522-6581
Promenade Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
3350, rue Ontario Est
Tel.: 514 522-6581
5349, 4e Avenue
Tel.: 514 525-4386
Fax.: 514 525-5018
L'Avenue du
1012, av. Mont-Royal Est
Tel.: 514 522-3797
Fax.: 514 522-2413
Fleury Ouest
80, rue Fleury Ouest
Tel.: 514 919-5242
1304, rue Fleury Est
Tel.: 514 387-0022
2000, rue Peel
Tel.: 514 398-9438
Fax.: 514 398-0074
375, boul. de Maisonneuve Est
Tel.: 514 849-4906
du canal
3181, rue Saint-Jacques
Tel. : 514 940-5310
4398, boul. Saint-Laurent
Tel.: 514 286-0334
Fax.: 514 286-0967
Wellington 266, rue Hickson
Tel.: 514 766-6437
Quartier Historique
10, rue Notre-Dame Est
Tel.: 514 732-8685
Fax.: 514 844-4448
Du Village 1324, rue Ste-Catherine Est
Tel.: 514 529-1168
Fax.: 514 529-3063
Jean-Talon à Saint-Léonard 6020, rue Jean-Talon Est
Tel.: 514 448-6726
Fax.: 514 254-8516
Petite-Italie - Marché Jean -Talon - Montréal 201, rue Saint-Zotique Est
Tel.: 514 439-4591
Pignons rue Saint-Denis 3875A, rue Saint-Denis
Tel.: 514 563-0697
District central 555, rue Chabanel
Tel. : 514 379-3232

Conditions governing the creation of SDCs

The conditions governing the creation, termination or existence of a SDC are determined under the Cities and Towns Act, R.S.Q., chapter C-19. The borough council regulates the boundaries of a commercial area within which only a single commercial district, encompassing at least 50 business premises, may be created.

An elected administrative council decides on the annual budget of the SDC and parameters of the contribution.

The Contribution

Payment of this contribution is mandatory for members, which cannot vote at SDC meetings until they have done so.

The city collects these contributions and remits them in full to each SDC’s administrative council. GST and QST are charged on SDC contributions except in certain cases.


Businesses occupying a commercial space on January 1st are billed for SDC dues. No complete refund will be issued to a business that ceases doing business during the year within a SDC's territory.


Any payment of less than $300 must be made ina single instalment. Any payment of $300 or more can be made in two instalments.

(Date of updating: January 24, 2017)

For more information, please:

  1. Call your borough office;
  2. Call the 311 (island of Montréal) or 514 872-0311 (outside Montréal);
  3. Send us an e-mail.

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