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When to pay?

COVID-19 : when and how to pay your municipal tax account  

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The annual municipal property tax accounts are sent at the end of January to the owners registered on the property assessment roll, at the time of the editing of invoices. If the amount due is at least $300, the tax bill  may be paid in two equal instalments.

The two due dates of 2020 property tax accounts are:

  • Monday March 2, 2020
  • Monday June 1st, 2020 (deadline extended to September 1st, 2020)

Montréal is also offering you the possibility of paying your taxes in 6 or 11 instalments, with added interest and penalty fees. The details are provided on the back of your tax account.

Should you choose to pay in 6 or 11 instalments, you don’t need to inform us, but you will still receive the usual collection notices.

Interest at the monthly rate of 0.75% and a penalty at the monthly rate of 0.41% will be charged daily on any payment received after the due date.

Additionnal bills

You may receive additionnal bills. They result from ajustments to your property value due to renovations, for example, or any other activity that affects your property value. A specific due date applies to each such invoice.

We send  various notices if you don't pay a bill on time. These notices are sent according to a schedule such as the one that follows.

COVID-19: The following steps are not applicable. However, Montréal resumes its collection activities for the unpaid  taxes.  

Icône tableau The steps involved in the billing and collection process

(Date of updating: June 30, 2020)

For more information, please:

  1. Call your borough office;
  2. Call the 311 (island of Montréal) or 514 872-0311 (outside Montréal);
  3. Send us an e-mail.

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