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Non-residential or mixed-use immovables

Owners and tenants are responsible for determining their respective obligations under their leases. The Ville de Montréal may not issue any recommendation as to the amount that the landlord can require non-residential tenants.

The following invoice highlights the distinctive features of non-residential and mixed immovables:

The following tables show the rate combinations corresponding to units of assessment according to the classes of non-residential immovables and the categories of immovables to which they belong. This combinations are used for property general tax, special tax concerning water service and special road improvement tax.

Icône tableau Non-residential immovables and 5 or less dwelling units

Icône tableau Non-residential immovables and 6 or more dwelling units

Icône tableau Non-residential immovables and serviced vacant lots

Icône tableau Non-residential immovables subject to a special tax plan

(1)The tax rates, according to the sector, used for calculation purposes are shown in the table of tax rates  or on the front of the account under Detail of taxes.

(2) The basic rate equal to the rate of the residual category ( including 5 or less dwelling units and unserviced vacant lots).

(3) The tax rate thus calculated is shown on the front of the account under Rate.

 (Date of updating: January 29, 2018)

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