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Short-term rental of tourist accomodations

The citizens of Montréal who wish to rent out tourist accommodations (apartment, room, etc.) for a period of 31 days or less must obtain a certificate from the Ministère du Tourisme if provided by the Act respecting tourist accomodation establishments. This certificate has an impact on the property tax bill of the concerned residential immovable since the Act respecting municipal taxation provides that those properties become part of the non-residential taxation category and, therefore become subject to the non-residential tax rates and SDC (société de développement commercial) dues if the property is located on the territory of an SDC.

In addition, Boroughs may regulate the permitted uses on their territory, including the operation of tourist accommodations. In case of non-compliance with laws and by-laws, violators can be fined varying amounts, depending on the nature and number of offenses.

We invite you to contact your Bourough or the Ministère du Tourisme to ensure that the activities taking place in your building comply with applicable laws and regulations.

(date of creation : November 10, 2016)