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Friends from the library


Our mission

The mission of the Friends of the LaSalle Library is to ensure that the projects and services offered by the library are consistent with the library’s resources and the needs of the residents. A user committee that was established in 1996 applied for charitable organization status and became the Friends of the LaSalle Octogone Public Library in November 1999.


More specifically, our goals are to:

  • Promote library development
  • Identify and advocate for user needs
  • Point out directions and priorities for development
  • Provide support for library projects


  • Became partners in the Une naissance un livre (Very young readers) and Ma première heure du conte (My first story hour) programs ;
  • Purchased equipment for the computer lab, thanks to support from Industry Canada’s Community Access Program ;
  • Purchased toys for the young children’s section of the library with funds raised from local organizations
  • Obtained sponsors for the library’s plastic bags.


  • Grants from various levels of government
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Book sales


  • Gino Matteo, Chair
  • Claudette Lavoie, Vice Chair
  • Denis Comeau, Treasurer
  • Marianne Cyr-McQueen
  • Leslie Yu
  • Natasha Bouchard
  • Ladislau Suli
  • Marc-Antoine Doyon


Friends of the LaSalle Octogone Public Library
1080 avenue Dollard
LaSalle, QC H8N 2T9