Montréal, 500 years of history in archives

Group of Archivists of the Region of Montréal (GARM)

The GARM was created in 1982 in response to Montréal archivists' desire to acquire private papers without competing with each other. Today, 23 institutions comprise this group, with well-defined specialities which allow each institution to acquire private papers in its field of expertise. GARM's Web site lists each areas of specialization and this supports the growth, conservation and diffusion of private archives throughout the Montréal area, to the benefit of researchers and the general public.

GARM's members are strong supporters of preservation and since 1987 have organized an annual seminar on a relevant aspect of this topic. Everyone benefits from up to date information generated in these sessions.

Finally, GARM is a pressure group, promoting archives throughout Montréal and defending the interests of its members. It is an excellent example of cooperation between archivists, their institutions, their archives and the discipline.

Invitation to all those holding private papers

Your documents, produced (or inherited) during the course of your activities, for example, minutes, correspondence and photographs may have more value than you think. BEFORE eliminating them, please get in touch with one of our members (see our list of GARM members).

Apart from contributing to understanding our milieu and preserving our local history, you can also PROFIT from donating your papers.

  • You may receive a tax receipt for a charitable donation
  • Preservation and access to your papers is assured
  • Information about your documents and activities continues to exist
  • Documents you have created will continue to serve a purpose
  • Special conditions can be added to an acquisition agreement.

Consult our list of GARM members or their areas of specialization for more information.