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Consult the assessment roll and property sales

Consult the assessment roll

An abstract of the property assessment roll for the Montréal agglomeration is available for consultation. To use it, you must know the address, the lot number or the roll number of the assessment unit you are looking for.

Online access to home sales in your area

If you are the owner of a residential building with five dwellings or fewer, you can also view (for your property) sales of homes in the same category in your area on the consultation result page. A maximum of 14 homes that were sold in 2015 can be displayed. You can access the service using the personal identification code that was assigned to you.

To view sales, you must first access the property assessment roll online. Once you have searched the roll, you can access the option to view sales by clicking on the "Visualiser les ventes" button at the top of the page.

Identification code

For buildings located within Montréal’s city limits, the identification code can be found on your last notice of assessment. If your building is located within the city limits of a neighbouring municipality, there are two possibilities:

  1. The code appears on your notice of assessment (certain areas only)
  2. There is no code on your notice of assessment and you must request an identification code through the assessment roll consultation Web tool (In French).

Please note: Consulting sales in your area gives you an overview of the real estate market in 2015 for buildings similar to yours. 2015 sales were used as the basis for the 2017-2018-2019 assessment roll. However, these data are for information purposes only and the property sales that are displayed are not necessarily the ones that were used to determine the value for your building. The service identifies the 14 closest property sales for the same category, but the assessment of a building may require an analysis of the whole market sector. Please note that in some cases, there may not be a result online.

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