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2004-2005 Master Plan Implementation Progress Report


The 2004-2005 progress report is structured according to the Plan's primary implementation tools. Policies and strategies launched by the city, initiatives echoed in the Master Plan, are the first of these implementation tools. The progress report briefly describes these policies and strategies and offers details regarding their current status.

The second section of the Master Plan implementation progress report focuses on the advancement of detailed planning efforts. Detailed planning concentrates on areas of the city that present complex urban planning issues that could not have been fully resolved before the tabling of the Master Plan. The city will therefore complete a process of detailed planning in each of these areas, employing an integrated approach adapted to their unique planning issues. The progress report presents, for many of these areas, the results of planning and design work that has been completed in the past number of months.

The progress report then discusses the status of programs and funding strategies undertaken by the city and its partners in pursuit of objectives identified in the Master Plan. For the year 2004-2005, these actions fall under four major headings: housing, transportation networks, the public domain, and the environment.

Finally, the progress report describes in detail a modification made to the municipal regulatory framework following the adoption of the Plan. The revision deals primarily with the creation of concordance regulations that will ensure that Borough urban planning by-laws conform to the Master Plan. The progress report identifies the primary parameters of the Plan that are taken into account in this revision.

The 2004-2005 progress report will differ from those that follow it in two ways. First, it has been deposited less than a full year after the adoption of the Plan, and second, it serves as an outline from which the city will construct a template for subsequent annual progress reports. The city intends therefore to consult with all of its partners to develop an effective tool for monitoring the progress of the actions and interventions prescribed by the Master Plan.