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A unit of urban space bordered on each side by public roads, often composed of more than one lot and an alleyway.

Building setting
The location of a building or other construction on a lot; its distance from other buildings and the street.

The formal designation of a property whose conservation is in the public interest by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, with the advice of Commission des biens culturels. (see R.S.Q., c.B-4, a.24).

Complementary document
The complementary document establishes rules and criteria that the boroughs’ planning by-laws should respect.

The lot coverage and bulk of a building, which defines the built form and intensity of activity in an area.

The power, delegated by the province, of a municipality to pass a bylaw defining a given area as historic (see R.S.Q., c. B-4, a. 70).

Development Agreement
An agreement signed by the City and an organisation or institution, which establishes the planning parameters applicable to a given property.

A protected area (major park, nature park, natural reserve) and the natural environment (woodlots, streams, wetland) that the City intends to preserve and enhance.

Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
The ratio between a building’s total floor area and the area of the site it occupies.

Heritage Site
A part of a municipality where immovable cultural property is situated and where the architectural landscape has aesthetic or historic interest (see R.S.Q., c. B-4, a. 84).

Historic District
An area designated as such by the Government of Québec because of the concentration of historic monuments or sites therein. (R.S.Q., c, B-4, art. 1h).

Historic Monument
An immovable which has historic interest because of its use or architecture (R.S.Q., c. B-4, a. 1d).

Historic Site
A provincial designation for a place where historical events have occurred, or an area containing historic property or monuments (see R.S.Q., c. B-4, a. 1e).

Linking different modes of passenger or freight transportation.

Land use designation
The designation of an area for a particular set of uses, expressing the vocation recognized or intended by the City.

Mitigating measures
The techniques and regulations aimed at mitigating conditions that degrade the quality of life of residents.

National Historic Site
An area designated by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (Commission des lieux et monuments historiques du Canada) as pertaining to a place, person or event that are of national historic significance.