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Structuring, efficient transportation networks fully integrated into the urban environment.
Vehicle parking


The provisions regarding parking are drawn from the following statements in Part I of the Master Plan :

  • Action 3.2: Support urban development that favours the use of public transportation.
  • Action 3.5: Favour urban development and the use of public transportation and bicycles by taking action on the supply of parking.
  • Action 7.2: Develop vacant lots in the downtown area.
  • Action 17.2: Reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

These provisions also aim more specifically to :

  • Limit the supply of parking spaces in the Borough of Ville-Marie;
  • Limit the supply of parking near metro stations and certain commuter train stations;
  • Require indoor parking facilities in part of the Borough of Ville-Marie.


2.1.1 The maximum number of parking spaces in the Borough of Ville-Marie

  • The by-laws of the Borough of Ville-Marie must set a maximum authorized number of parking spaces upon the construction, extension or change of use of a building. These provisions may exclude residential uses.