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Galeries d'Anjou / Jean-Talon Est

General goals

  • Intensify and diversify activity in the area in order to reinforce its urban character and multifunctional role
  • Improve the area’s image and allow for a more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly environment
  • Improve public transportation services, especially by extending the metro to the Boulevard des Galeries d'Anjou

Planning issues

The area is currently undergoing consolidation, especially in terms of retail and residential activities. Its location at the junction of highways 25 and 40 makes it highly visible and easily accessible from the rest of the region. As a result, it offers excellent potential for densification and development, especially for mixed-use projects, near the proposed metro stations where the Plan recommends an intensification and diversification of activities.

However, some of the area’s features present important development problems, preventing it from reaching its full potential. Its built form lacks structure and coherence as a result of the heterogeneity of building settings and volumes. The power transmission line towering overhead also impedes the enhancement of part of the area. Despite these constraints, the huge lots surrounding the most important shopping area in Montréal’s East End present significant development potential.

The abundant outdoor parking lots and the poor quality of landscaping on both public and private spaces certainly do not contribute to the area’s visual appeal. The decidedly automobile-oriented layout of the area creates major barriers to pedestrian movement. In addition, the absence of public or civic facilities keeps the area from playing its full economic and strategic role in East End Montréal.

Furthermore, the topography of the area and the presence of major expressways do not facilitate local trips, as evidenced by the frequent congestion on Rue Jean-Talon East and Boulevard des Galeries d'Anjou. The eventual construction of two new metro stations in the area could exacerbate these problems, especially on Bélanger, with an increased number of vehicles and buses converging on the future transit terminal. The area is also not very cyclist-friendly.