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The Private sector

Real estate corporations and developers, building contractors and other private sector stakeholders play a decisive role in the City’s development and the implementation of the Plan. They help to create new areas of the City and to rehabilitate existing ones and often demonstrate their ability to innovate as they meet the needs of various clienteles.

Whether they are initiated by the City or by the private sector, rehabilitation and construction projects are often the result of a coordinated effort. For example, private-sector stakeholders are also called upon to participate in the implementation of municipal housing or economic development programs.

Community associations and groups

Montréal has some very active associations in the areas of business, housing, heritage, environment, culture and social development. By taking part in the development of municipal policies or the implementation of programs, associations and community groups play an essential role in the construction of Montréal.

In recent years, the City has collaborated with organizations such as community and economic development corporations, business development corporations, urban planning roundtables, environmental groups and social and community housing groups, to name but a few. The City gives priority to maintaining this close partnership with Montréal’s community associations and groups.