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Ensure the optimal management of resources in an urban context

From the standpoint of sustainable development, the management of resources such as air, water and land is particularly challenging in a metropolitan area like Montréal. In this regard, the Master Plan supports measures to ensure healthier urban development by reducing paved areas and decreasing the impact of heat islands.

By endorsing the Kyoto Protocol, the City has made a firm commitment to reduce greenhouse gases. It supports transportation alternatives to the automobile. The City is also committed to upgrading its water and wastewater infrastructure as well as its water and sewage treatment plants.

Waste management represents one of this society’s most pressing challenges for the coming years. Significant efforts in recovering and recycling materials must lead to a substantial reduction in the volume of waste that ends up in landfill sites.

Moreover, with government aid, the Ville de Montréal is prepared to continue rehabilitating contaminated sites. This will contribute to the consolidation of the urban fabric and help maximize existing infrastructure, especially given the Plan’s proposals to rebuild in certain areas and to change the vocation of other areas.

The Plan sets forth six actions relative to the optimal management of resources in an urban context:

17.1 Support healthier urban development
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17.2 Reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions
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17.3 Ensure efficient management of the water and wastewater infrastructure
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17.4 Ensure the recovery and re-use of waste
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17.5 Pursue the rehabilitation of contaminated sites with government funding
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17.6 Give priority to rehabilitating contaminated sites in the vicinity of certain metro and commuter train stations, as well as in areas to be transformed
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