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Biological Diversity

Biological diversity, or biodiversity, refers to the variety of species living on Earth.

The concept of biodiversity encompasses three levels that influence each other:

  • Genetic diversity within species;
  • Diversity of species;
  • Diversity of ecosystems.

Biodiversity is known to play a vital ecological role in the production of biomass, the regulation of water, the maintenance of ecosystem balance, etc. The diversity of species and ecosystems contributes to the planet’s biological equilibrium.

Preserve and enhance the natural heritage

Natural heritage and the scenic and landscape value it brings are essential elements of Montrealers’ quality of life. Shaped in part by human actions, this heritage has even greater value in a highly urbanized city such as Montréal.

Natural heritage consists of natural areas of interest, namely woods, streams, riverbanks, wetlands and the numerous islets of the archipelago. Some of these natural settings are already protected and enhanced in Montréal’s nature parks. The City’s accomplishments in protecting, preserving and improving natural environments make it possible today for residents as well as visitors to enjoy nature, interesting scenery and places for relaxation and recreation.

In addition to contributing to environmental quality, these natural settings play a significant role in the viability of ecosystems and the maintenance of biological diversity: they are habitats for fauna and flora, as well as feeding, nesting and breeding grounds.

Since Montréal is largely built up, the scarcity of sites available for development puts pressure on the preservation and improvement of existing natural environments and the survival of ecosystems. In this context, the City intends to preserve and improve natural environments of interest and foster their harmonious integration into urban development.

The Plan sets forth one action relative to the natural heritage:

16.1 Preserve and enhance natural environments by ensuring their harmonious integration into urban development
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