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Montréal’s Modern Heritage

For more than twenty years, the heritage value of modern urban design and architecture has been gaining recognition by experts around the world as an emerging heritage category.

Montréal has a particularly rich modern built heritage. The construction of its “new” downtown in the 1950’s and 1960’s permitted the creation of several excellent examples, such as Place Ville-Marie, the CIBC Tower, La Tour de la Bourse, the Château Champlain, Westmount Square and Place Bonaventure. During this period, all of these new buildings contributed to make Montréal a great modern city.

Montréal’s modern heritage can also be found in a number of its boroughs, where many residential neighbourhoods still bear witness to the growth of the City’s economic and demographic growth in the post-war period. This heritage includes several churches, schools and public facilities which sometimes boast daring designs.

The Master Plan recognizes numerous elements of modern heritage and highlights the importance of deepening the understanding of these less-recognized components of Montréal’s urban landscape. This work will enable the City to adapt its heritage preservation measures to the particular requirements of modern heritage elements as well as to increase public sensitivity to their significance.

Protect heritage buildings

Part II (pointer vers U1P2)of the Master Plan identifies heritage buildings that should be conserved in each borough.

These buildings will be subject to appropriate regulatory measures designed to oversee actions and alterations that could damage their architectural integrity, as well as to prevent their deterioration or demolition. In addition, some buildings may be granted official recognition by either the Ville de Montréal or the Québec government.

A street in Old Montréal Modern buildings downtown A building

Implementation measures

  • Proceed with further designation of heritage buildings.
  • Evaluate the possibility of giving every borough regulatory control over demolitions and pay special attention to proposals affecting buildings of architectural or heritage value through the establishment of a demolition committee.
  • Ensure the conservation and enhancement of City properties of heritage interest.
  • By means of appropriate regulatory instruments, particularly by-laws on Site Planning and Architectural Integration Programs (SPAIP), ensure the conservation of the heritage buildings listed in Part II of the Plan.
  • Confirm the institutional vocation of large sites of institutional character and places of worship of heritage interest through an appropriate land use designation (see Table and Map 3.1.1).
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