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Preserve the specific features of Montréal’s urban framework

The routes of early European settlement and natural features of the territory were the first components of Montréal's urban framework. Over the years, these routes have been transformed, accommodating the buildings that make up Montréal's current urban fabric.

The Master Plan recognizes the importance of preserving the significant features of Montréal's urban fabric, such as the orthogonal grid and alleys of the central boroughs or unique street patterns like those found in the Borough of Mont-Royal.

Certain characteristics that help maintain the coherence of the City's built environment with respect to its different street grids must also be maintained. For example, many of Montréal's central boroughs are characterized by a streetscape showing consistent building height, alignment and site coverage. These characteristics must be respected by new construction projects in these areas.

While respect for these characteristics is of great importance, urban sustainability and energy efficiency are also major urban planning concerns. In the areas to be constructed, the Master Plan favours planning street grids and siting buildings with an orientation that provides maximum sunlight and protection against the prevailing winds. These can both contribute considerably to energy efficiency in the winter months.

Implementation measure

  • When assessing the design of public spaces and building construction projects, ensure that the unique features of Montréal's urban fabric, such as the orientation and structure of streets, the shape of blocks and the characteristics of buildings, are respected. These actions should also follow the Plan's policies on pedestrian travel, public transit use and the optimal use of resources (see Objectives 3, 13 and 17).
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