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Montréal’s Alleys

While originally designed for functionality alone, Montréal's alleys now act as dynamic open spaces able to ensure the presence and development of tree growth in dense urban environments.

Traditionally places of social interaction, alleys, whether public or privatized, have undergone a transformation as of late. Innovative programs designed around citizen participation have led to the creation and maintenance of green alleys, which the City will continue to support.

The Master Plan also recognizes the importance of protecting private green spaces for their exceptional contribution to the ensemble of Montréal's green network. In addition to large public green spaces, Map 2.5.1 identifies some of Montréal's largest cemeteries, whose scenic, historic or heritage character must be preserved. It also earmarks certain golf courses for preservation, due either to their contribution to the overall character of an area, their heritage value, or to the fact that they represent the only type of land use possible due to specific restrictions, as is the case for the Club de golf de l'Île de Montréal. The continuity of these green spaces is ensured by the land use designations presented in Section 3.1.

Trees planted in front or back yards or along alleys, as well as gardens planted on the grounds of institutions, all contribute significantly to the greening of the City's living environments. The Ville de Montréal intends to protect trees, particularly those planted in front yards or aligned in rows. The City also favours the greening of its residential areas and will give special importance to tree planting when considering the design of public spaces.

Implementation measures

  • Protect and improve the parks and green spaces shown in Map 2.5.1.
  • Develop and implement the Tree Policy and the Major Parks Network project.
  • Ensure the greening of living environments through:
    • An increase in the planting of trees on public and private land, particularly in areas lacking in this regard and those that are extensively paved;
    • Regulatory measures favouring green spaces and the planting of trees as part of new real estate developments, in front yards, backyards, courtyards, rooftops, etc.;
    • Support for green alley initiatives.
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