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Preserve the character of Mount Royal and its predominance in the urban landscape

Downtown MontréalThe lush greenness of Mount Royal, the emblematic figure of Montréal, lies at the heart of the City's history, territory and personality. Even beyond the boundaries of the Mount Royal historic and natural district, the Mountain includes heritage elements that require preservation and enhancement, such as its diverse geomorphological characteristics, its three-summit cluster located in the boroughs of Westmount , Outremont and Ville-Marie, the many institutions that are found at its perimeter and its adjacent areas.

Together with the CBD's skyscrapers, the Mountain is Montréal's dominant landmark. Towering over the City, it permits exceptional views of the surrounding urban environment and the St. Lawrence River beyond. The Mountain itself can be seen in broad vistas or framed views from locations all over the City, many of them busy public places (parks, belvederes, public plazas and commercial streets).

Mount Royal also functions as a green space whose scenic, ecological, recreational and tourism value are immeasurable to Montréal. A special place to make contact with nature, the Mountain is unfortunately hard to access for pedestrians and cyclists, despite its proximity to the Centre and many of the City's residential neighbourhoods.

The visual and physical relationships between the Mountain, the CBD, the surrounding urban area and the waterways all contribute to Montréal's rich and unique urban experience.

Implementation measures

  • Limit construction on the slopes of Mount Royal and impose height restrictions to maintain the Mountain's pre-eminence in Montréal's skyline.
  • Set appropriate height restrictions on the Mountain’s south slope and concentrate the tallest buildings in the CBD in order to maintain the distinction between Mount Royal and the core of skyscrapers of the Centre. In keeping with established practice, no building may exceed the height of the Mountain’s summit (232.5 metres above sea level).
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