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Employment areas map

The areas shown on the Employment Areas Map
(see Map 2.4.1) are essentially devoted to employment activities. Home to industrial activities and linked to major road, rail and port facilities, the employment areas are generally not appropriate for housing development. Therefore, the Master Plan allows mixed uses only in the Central Business District and in business and retail areas that present potential for residential development.

A number of other areas include both employment and housing uses, such as commercial arteries, former industrial areas undergoing conversion and sites that are well served by public transportation and for which the Plan favours intensification and a greater employment and housing mix.

Map 2.4.1 identifies seven types of employment areas based on their function and built form:

The Central Business District:
As the economic heart of the region, this district has the greatest concentration of jobs in the metropolitan area, including many activities in the expanding service sector. This area is characterized by high building density, ease of access by public transportation and an attractive urban environment composed of high-quality public places and buildings. Objective 5 of the Master Plan deals more specifically with the Central Business District.

Business and retail areas:
Located near major highway intersections, these areas are composed of shopping centres, large- and medium-sized stores and office buildings. Consisting mainly of one-storey commercial buildings and large parking lots, they have major redevelopment and densification potential, particularly through the insertion of office buildings. Some of these areas also display residential development potential, based on existing or projected public transportation infrastructure.
Institutional employment areas:
These areas house large metropolitan institutions that provide a substantial number of jobs in such fields as health care, higher education, sports or culture. These ensembles encompass institutions on their own contiguous sites or those spread out over several blocks, with both types designated as Major Institutional Facilities on Map 3.1.1. Many of these institutions include buildings of heritage interest, green spaces or land with development potential.

Corporate areas:
These offer a prestigious environment aimed at attracting industries and leading-edge services, including research activities and high-tech production. These areas, generally composed of multi-storey office buildings, include quality private and public facilities and could be densified in order to increase employment.
Diversified employment areas:
These are composed of various combinations of industrial, commercial or office activities. Some of the areas surrounding the Centre include multi-storied buildings with multiple occupancy potential. Other areas, such as those along major thoroughfares, are composed of single-use buildings of various sizes. Many of these areas have potential for increased employment and building density.

Industrial areas:
These encompass a variety of manufacturing firms, distribution activities, complementary businesses and business services. The areas surrounding the Centre are characterized by a rather high building density, with a number of multi-storey buildings. With a lower employment intensity, the industrial areas in the western and eastern portions of the Island have a lower density and the buildings are laid out in such a way as to allow exterior facilities: landscaped front yards, parking areas, storage, etc. They also generally have good road access.

Extensive industrial areas:
These areas of low-intensity employment are home to businesses that occupy large pieces of land, often because their processes involve exterior activities or outdoor warehousing. They require spatial segregation from residential areas and are directly connected to the highway network.

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