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Convert, to a mixed-use function, changing industrial sites that could be integrated into the residential fabric

The Master Plan proposes the conversion of rundown and poorly accessible industrial sites whose consolidation potential is greatly reduced by their problematic interfaces with the residential environment. It also supports the conversion to mixed uses of several sites that were originally exclusively employment-oriented, but that now have residential development potential due to the shortage of vacant lots in the residential areas surrounding the Centre.

In addition, with the added value generated by targeted interventions and strategic investments, former industrial areas such as those along the Lachine Canal could also be considered for mixed-use development.

These areas of potential conversion surrounding the Centre present opportunities for the City to rebuild itself in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. To this end, the City plans to direct future site rehabilitation funds to these areas to be transformed
(see Objective 17).

Implementation measure

  • In a detailed planning process (see Chapter 4),
    • define the measures required to redevelop the areas that could be converted to mixed-use activities. These areas are:
    • Griffintown, located south of the Central Business District and along the Lachine Canal;
    • The Saint-Viateur / De Gaspé area and a portion of the Marconi / Alexandra area located in the vicinity of the CP tracks;
    • The Hippodrome site as well as the vicinity of the De La Savane metro station in the Decarie / Cavendish / Jean-Talon West area.
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