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Redevelop large abandoned sites in order to prepare them for new economic activities

In keeping with the promotion of urban redevelopment, the City intends to support the conversion of large brownfields with complex development problems.

The challenge is to rehabilitate the environment and to provide infrastructure to these sites in order to realize their potential value to Montréal’s economy.

Because the high cost of adequately managing contaminated soils is a major constraint in developing a number of these disused sites, the City plans to take action to promote the rehabilitation of contaminated land (see Objective 19).

The development of a number of these sites requires building new road links and reparcelling underused lots. The City will develop an overall plan for these areas by assessing their urban development potential and specific economic development vocation.

Implementation measure

  • Define and implement a land use concept and development strategy for each of these large abandoned or underused sites, by reviewing road links and subdivision options that would promote the intensification of employment.

    The sites concerned are included in the detailed planning areas (see Chapter 4).

    They are notably:
    • The former Glen and Turcot railyards;
    • The industrial sites in the Notre-Dame East area, in connection with the construction of the Assomption / Notre-Dame road link;
    • The former heavy industrial area of East Lachine;
    • The industrial sites of the Bourget / Forget area.
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